another nice location

8 06 2009

I just found this nice location near Delémont (Switzerland) which could also be  interesting for a motorcycle shooting. What you think?



Next location?

6 06 2009

I was so happy about the results from the Yamaha XJ6 shooting that I want more now. I was allready looking for a different location and found this one:


Unfortunately this road is a swiss highway road and it will not be as easy to shoot out of the car as it was in the 1st shooting. I hope that I’ll get an authorization from the police soon. I’ll keep you up to date…


Yamaha XJ6 photo shooting results

5 06 2009

I’m pleased to show you the first final pictures of the „Yamaha XJ6 Shooting“:



If you’re interested in having these pictures in a larger format don’t hesitate to contact me via my website:


New Blog online

3 06 2009

Hi there

I’ve just activated this blog to give you some updates about my work from time to time. Most likely I will show you some making of videos from photo shootings and present some new ideas.

For the start I would like to show you a short making of video from my last shooting. The idea was to take some nice pics of my girlfriends new Yamaha XJ6 motorcycle. One week after the idea was born I had my wood construction for two additional flashes and found a nice location near Basel, Switzerland. Bellow you can see the result:

Technical Data:

The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 5D. Most of them with 1/20s at f 20 while driving 30km/h. I used a focal length of 15mm to increase the speed effect and give them a wide perspective.

See you soon