Ile de La Réunion

4 11 2016

A short film of our trip to the island of La Réunion. It’s a fantastic place!

styling up pictures

14 12 2010

1h of time, some retouching techniques, textures and color filters, that’s it:

1st movie with new equipment

30 05 2010

Using my new ProAm Camera Crane and Skywatcher Merlin Astro head I did a small movie from our weekend trip to the „crestasee“ in switzerland. A very stunning place in the heart of the swiss mountains.

Check it out here: CRESTASEE

It’s here! :-)

21 05 2010

This week I finally received my new camera crane:

I’m looking forward to film some nice landscapes this weekend in the mountains of switzerland. A first test to get familiar with the crane for my planned iceland movie.

Thailand 2009

21 05 2010

A short movie of our trip to Thailand end of 2009

some nice landscapes…

16 01 2010

…I’ve put together in this small video to test my new video software. Sit back relax and enjoy two minutes of nature views:

Beauty Retouching

26 12 2009

Inspired by Calvin Hollywood I did a complete beauty retouch based on his technique:

(click on the image to expand)

Works done so far: Body modifications (ears, nose, mouth and eyes), digital makeup, skin softening (with a very nice technique where you can keep the porosities) and a gentle dodge and burn treatment. All works took a total time of approx. one hour. Thanks to model Jeannine!

I was surprised how efficient and quick this guy works with photoshop and I can really recommend his DVD-Package:


Cheers Christian