Beauty Retouching

26 12 2009

Inspired by Calvin Hollywood I did a complete beauty retouch based on his technique:

(click on the image to expand)

Works done so far: Body modifications (ears, nose, mouth and eyes), digital makeup, skin softening (with a very nice technique where you can keep the porosities) and a gentle dodge and burn treatment. All works took a total time of approx. one hour. Thanks to model Jeannine!

I was surprised how efficient and quick this guy works with photoshop and I can really recommend his DVD-Package:


Cheers Christian


escape to paradise

10 11 2009

I don’t like the actual weather in Switzerland! It looks like in Britain actually… it’s cold….it’s rainy and the people are demotivated and tired. 😦

Time to leave to paradise for me. Together with my cam I’m going to explore this region of earth for the next three weeks: ThailandIt will be my first time in Thailand and I’m looking forward to come back with some really nice pictures.

By the way: Two weeks ago I took a really nice HDR-Panorama of the „Belchenfluh“ in Switzerland:

DRI_Pano1_001-Panorama_smallThe picture(s) was taken at 06:30 a.m and the atmosphere was really stunning! The pano is a composition of 6×3 portrait pictures. Stiched and tonemapped with PTGui Pro.

cu you soon folks I can already smell the curries 😉