The „DOCKSIDE“ shooting

30 09 2009

Today I finished the post-processing of the recent shooting „Dockside“ which took place two weeks ago in the harbor area of basel. This area is huge and offers a lot of nice locations with it’s typical industrial style. On the weekends you can shoot there without any disruption ‚cause no one’s working! Maybe you’ll meet some people from the border patrol because the harbor adjoins to switzerland, france and germany.

My team was supported by a makeup artist, two assistants and the two models Sandra and Michèle (who actually worked for the first time in front of a camera…and the really did a great job!).

During four hours I used the chance to test the new Elinchrom Ranger Quadra system on different locations. I was quite convinced with it’s low weight and easy to use control and just had some trouble with it’s low power (only 400J) when I tried to shoot with a very wide focal length (15 mm which is my absolutely favorite angle). The flash heads really needed to be placed next ( max. 2 m) to the model on that sunny day! But when shooting indoor or just taking portrait pictures this system is perfect for semi-professional photographers with a low budget! All pictures were taken as always with a Canon EOS 5D.

All pictures were just edited in Adobe Lightroom…no photoshop-retouch at all!

Please feel free to have a closer look at some of the final pictures in this small web gallery:

overview for webshow dockside

Unfortunately I’ll not be able to present a making of video this time 😦 My girlfriend (who had the job to film) took all movies in the upright format 😉

Finally I would like to thank all involved people which supported me. Thanks a lot it was really fun to work with you!

cu soon





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